"I am a NO BULLSHIT Mistress so do NOT try to feed it to me,"

"as you will find yourself on your ass licking your balls like the dog that you are"


Financial Domme!!!!


35 year old Dominant Woman 5ft3, BBM, long reddish brown hair, hazel eyes and 40DD.


100% GRADE A PRIME BITCH, and ready to put you in your place.

  I know what I want, when I want it, and I want it NOW!

I love Money, shopping,  being pampered and spoiled.

Beautiful things such as furs, diamonds, jewelry, expensive dolls, expensive cars, 

and lots lots lots more.


Being open minded, I am into many things, including but not limited to:

Trampling, Financial Slavery, Humiliation,  Human furniture, 

Denial, CBT , Domestic servitude,  foot worship, PAIN!,  ws, 

 and getting ANYTHING I could possibly want!!!!


I don't care about wives, girlfriends or lovers, I only care about me,

 and as far as I am concerned I AM your FIRST priority. 

Your personal life is none of my business unless you piss me off.




 I am NOT looking for "lovers" or "to be fucked" of or by slaves.

So do NOT contact me in the hopes that I am hard up, as I am NOT.

I am very well satisfied in my life sexually and pigs like you repulse me.



I am EXTREMELY materialistic,  and require slaves to be honest, Loyal, and Obedient.

I  feel that my slaves should worship the ground I walk upon, be obsessed

 with my happiness and  present me with gifts (physical and verbal),  on a daily basis as a

 way of thanking me for the decision to let them serve and worship me.


I AM picky as to who I  allow to be my slave, and demand QUALITY!!

I  believe that in my happiness you will find happiness, 

and demand nothing less then servitude and obedience from my slaves.

I am a Mistress who knows what  I  want when I  want  it, and I do NOT like Bull Shit games.


What I DO like?!!! 

to spend time with my family, as well as:

Reading: curl up and read a nice book.  Usually before bed or while in the sun.
Cooking/Baking: Pizza, cakes, pies, soups, no matter what it is, all by scratch...I LOVE it.
My pets: I have 4 ferrets. I adore them, so you should pamper them as well.
Horses: Love horses, owned 2 before. Would like to own them again. (Gypsy)
Collecting: Enjoy collecting my Dolls, Jewelry (tons), Tierra's, and Renaissance items....
Websites: I enjoy working on all 67 of my sites. When things go right it is actually relaxing.
Slaves: using and financially raping my slaves, having them work for me, and play to entertain me.
Shopping: I am a shopahaulic. Shopping is in my blood along with being 100% bitch.



What I do NOT like?!!!!


Liars, whores, people who are hard up for money, and sell their nasty fat asses for cash.

Those who cant back up their big mouths, and resort to booting and or lying to make themselves look good.

slaves who waste my precious time with ignorant shit and expecting me to get them off,  

Those who feel that being a Mistress means being a whore, on cam, phone or in person..*GAG!*

Those who feel that "I" am any type of whore, being phone, cam, or in person.. *NOT!*

Those who come to me thinking they can dominate me, and bend me to their will.....*HA!*

Oh, and those who disrespect me by wasting my fucking space and time.



Mistress does NOT tolerate child porn/abuse EVER!!