How can you serve me?


I am accepting boys for the following positions:
(if you see a strike through the title, the position has been filled.)

2 Shoe Boys:
These boys should be dedicated to buying me shoes I love, shoes as a surprise, toe rings, and things to pamper my feet.

1 Pedi/Mani Boy
This boy is dedicated to my weekly mani/pedi trips.

1 Ice Tea Boy:
I have a favorite tea I am no longer able to find at the shops here. That or they just dont feel like making me a happy camper. I would like to assign a boy to ship a certain amount of this to me every two weeks. It is minimal, but thats ok, you can handle it. Trust me. It runs approximatly $36 each time.

1 Travel Boy
I will be traveling here soon, and there are things Id like to get for the trip. YOUR job would be to get them for me. From a hitch to the back of the truck, to things I need on the road, to cash on my green dot.

2 Living Room Boys:
Before I get to my new property, I will need new furniture. I found a nice living room set and want a good boy who feels he is up to this job, to buy it for me, piece by beautiful piece.

1 Kitchen Boy:
Of course my kitchen and the contents of my kitchen are very important. I LOVE to cook and I will need many new appliances. This is where my kitchen boy comes in. I want new appliances, storage containers (tupperware) for my pantry, new pots and pans etc. I might even have the kitchen boy buy me a grill. Mmmmmm..

1 Dish Boy:
There is a very special set of Italian dishes that I would like to get. They are NOT cheap, so you will be responsible for one piece at a time. This will NOT start until I am settled in my new home. I dont trust movers, and do not want to "transport" the dishes.

1 Bathroom Boy:
You will make sure I have everything I need in my Master Bathroom, so when I arrive in TN, I can unpack, then slide into my huge garden tub and pamper myself with bubbles and a nice relaxing bath. This includes hangers for my massive walk in, towels, bath slippers, and a fully stocked linen closet.

1 Health Boy:
I want to keep up on good health, so, this boy will be in charge of redoing my massive garage. Its about the size of one that fits an RV, and not only will you pay to have it cleaned out, and if the floor is not already cement, you will pay to have that done as well. (I dont remember if it was). I will want things in there such as a weight bench, free weights, boxing bag, full gym equipment, and a radio system. I want a wall with a full mirror there as well.

1 Recreation Boy:
yes, when I get there, I will be going fishing. I have access to a nice, fully stocked lake, and I plan on taking full advantage of it. I want a few fishing polls, tackle box, fishing chairs, etc. I have even found a 4 wheel vehicle I would like, so start saving your pennies.

Remember when applying for this position to mark


Mistress does NOT have sex with slaves in LIVE sessions or otherwise.
Do not ask for it, do not expect it, and by all means, do not think you will get it at all.